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Mega Pack 2.0

WAS $649.99 NOW $499.99

The 2.0 Mega Pack is recommended for those who are not recommended for a detox as part of a starting protocol.

People who do not qualify for a detox are: pregnant/nursing women, children, elderly, or people with very serious medical conditions.

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2x – Healthy Body Start Packs (2.0

 – each HBSP contains 1x Tangy Tangerine 2.0 (powder canister), 1x Osteo FX (powder canister), 1x EFA plus (90 capsules)

1x – 30 count box of Tangy Tangerine 2.0 packets

1x – 30 count box of Osteo FX powder packets

1x – 30 count box of Rebound FX sport drink powder packets

1x – 30 count box of Root Beer Belly powder packet probiotics

1x – 30 count box of KidSprinklz powder packet probiotic & vitamins

1x – 30 count box of Pollen Burst powder packets


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