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KePro Harmonizing Gut Bacteria & Digestion (USA only)

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Harmonize your gut bacteria and digestion with KePro 100% All-Natural Smoothie Base. KePro is a kefir protein probiotic, natural whole food created to help maintain your digestive health and fill the gap of what's lost in the average American diet. Add any ingredients of your choice for your desired nutritional needs and taste. 

FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER. KePro is a cold ship item and ships on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Regular bag: $69.99

Large bag: $97.00

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Take KePro daily, beginning with 1/4 scoop and working up to 1 full scoop per serving. If you experience any digestive symptoms, lower the amount until you have no symptoms, then work up to 1 scoop. 

KePro is a living food and must be stored in your refrigerator as soon as it arrives to your home.

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