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It is created by culturing 29 bacterial strains, exposing chicken hens, then the powder is made from the resulting ‘hyperimmune’ eggs. i26 is a revolutionary product, great for immune and digestive support, promoting a overall healthy life style. 

Canister designed for 31 days of use.

People find an improvement in overall health, recovery time for exercise, and immune function. Designed to balance immune function. 

This product is recommended as an addition to the ’90 For Life’ program.

More Information

Who’s it for: Anyone looking for optimal immune support.

What it does: Supports a healthy immune system by delivering nutrients that support a healthy gut.

What sets this product apart? 

  • Provides protection against 26 human-relevant bacteria
  • Support a healthy GI tract
  • Promotes the growth of healthy bacteria
  • May help support a healthy inflammatory response

Main Ingredient/Benefit



IgY Max® Hyperimmune Egg Powder

Specifically immunized egg powder, that helps restore healthy gut balance. IgY Max helps reduce the attachment of 26 human-relevant bacteria to promote healthy digestive function.[1]

[1] C. B. (n.d.). Study shows IgY MAX INCREASES BENEFICIAL FLORA, IMPROVES GUT INTEGRITY. Retrieved February 23, 2021, from


Ingredients: IgY Max® Hyperimmune Egg Powder

Suggested use: Blend or shake at least 1- scoops in any cold liquid such as fruit juice or milk. Sprinkl on any cold food such as salad or yogurt. Use once daily or as often as desired. For best results, take in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Keep in a cool dry place.


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