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EP2 Plus - Ultimate EMF Protecting Pendent

NOW $119.99

Who’s it for: Anyone looking to support positive energy production and help minimize electronic overwhelm from exposure from cellphones, tablets, phablets, iPads, laptops, electronic screen, and more.

What it does: Uses Essential Quantum Bioenergy that works with your bodies energy to help protect your from electron magnetic radiation and help balance positive energy.

What sets this product apart: Electromagnetic fields are invisible electrical and magnetic forces that radiate from anything operating on an electrical current. The EP2 Plus helps to minimize electromagnetic radiation coming from devices and environmental chaos. It’s made from pure, clean silicon dioxide to work with your bodies own energy.

Price recently reduced because EP2 pendants now come with only a string necklace. 

Most people wanted to use their own necklaces. 

More Information

  • Works with your bodies own energies to help protect and heal.
  • Protection from harmful energy coming from electronics.
  • Protection from physical drain due to our negative thoughts.
  • Protection from cell phone and environmental radiation.
  • Can be used to energize consumables.

Dr. Wallach, Ryan, and many more practitioners swear by this device in their arsenal of protection against EMF exposure.

Ryan’s note:

Working with Frequency Tuning Discs, crystals, shungite, etc, has taught me a lot about the power of frequencies, both negative and positive.

The EP2 Pendant is the most powerful device I have worn.

It does not supersede the Frequency Tuning Discs, or crystals etc. They all have different functions and capabilities, and should all be used together.


Cant imagine life without it

Ive been wearing an EP2 Pendent for over 7 years and I can say with cirtenty is life changing! As a web developer I sit informt of screens all day and this pendent has helped sustain focus and no more headaches. 


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