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    Shungite also known as, The Miracle Stone;  is estimated to be a 2-billion-year-old stone. It is mainly found in the Karelia Region of Northwestern Russia. Shungite contains “Fullerenes” which is high in anti-oxidants and a Carbon Heavy Mineral.  Shungite is used in Natural Healing and Alternative Medicine. Some people use Shungite for meditation, reiki, and spiritual healing.

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    • SHUNGITE — Also known as “The Miracle Stone”; has been claimed to contain healing power with the ability to stabilize, heal, and promote growth in all living organisms, and shield harmful EMF Pollution (Electro Magnetic Field) Shungite is 98% weighing in carbon. Shungita is said to contain nearly all of the periodic table, and contains minerals and elements such as silicates, crystalline silica, and sulfites.
    • YOU GET 2 CORDS WITH YOUR PURCHASE – each pendant arrived from Russia with a thin non-adjustable 32 inch cord – so we hand made a thicker adjustable 16-32 inch cord to give you a choice of how to wear it. The Circle Pendent Necklace is 1.18 inches, and the weight is .64 ounces.


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