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Nature’s Pearl® Premium Muscadine Grape Extract

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This new version of an old favorite is now more concentrated than ever before! And it all starts with a hands-on approach to ensure the utmost quality. Our field-to-finish muscadine grapes are planted, cultivated, harvested, and processed on a single farm at their peak of ripeness and flavor. The results? A  powerful, antioxidant-rich syrup, with no artificial ingredients, that provides a wide range of health benefits.  

For best results, just add our delicious extract to your favorite drink or smoothie!  

See our grape smoothie recipe under Key Ingredients/Benefits.

More Information

Who it’s for: anyone seeking a powerful, delicious source of antioxidants that can be added to drinks and smoothies.  

What it does: enhances drinks and smoothies with a high level of antioxidants, which are known to provide a number of health benefits.  

What sets this product apart? 

  • New and improved! 50+ BRIX reading - now 25% more concentrated! 

  • Field to finish approach - planted, cultivated, harvested, and processed on one single farm  

  • Superior glass packaging - physician preferred and better for the environment 

  • Extracted from the whole fruit of the muscadine grape (including seeds and skins) 

  • Made with over 100 naturally occurring phenolic compounds 

  • No artificial ingredients  

  • No additives 

  • Preservative free 

  • Alcohol free 

  • Gluten free 

  • Sugar free 

Key Ingredient/Benefits 



Alcohol-free 100% Muscadine Fruit Extract 

  • It’s phenolic content is responsible for the potent antioxidant activity. 1 

  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties. 2 

  • A good source of insoluble fiber  

  • Contains a high level of phenolics and flavonoids, phytochemicals that provide numerous health benefits.  

  • Contains quercetin, a flavonol with antioxidant properties known to help protect against free radicals. 3 

  • May improve collagen levels and bone strength. 4 

  • May support healthy blood pressure levels. 5 

  • May help improve blood flow. 6 

  • May help support the brain as it ages. 7 



Muscadine Grape Smoothie Recipe  

  • 1/4 cup blueberries 

  • 1/4 cup plain yogurt 

  • 1/2 banana 

  • 1/2 oz Premium Muscadine Grape Extract 

  • 3/4 cup milk 

  • Blend and enjoy! 



1 Phenolic content and antioxidant capacity of muscadine grapes, Department of Food Science and Technology, The University of Georgia, 2003 

2 Antiinflammatory properties of the muscadine grape (Vitis rotundifolia), The University of Georgia, 2005 

3 MedicalNewsToday, 2019 

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7 A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Clinical Trial on Effects of a Vitis vinifera Extract on Cognitive Function in Healthy Older Adults, Department of Drug Sciences, University of Catania, Italy, 2017 

Suggested Use  

Adults: ½ -1 oz. daily with food or in your favorite beverage or smoothie. Note: Color may vary due to various muscadine grape colors. REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING 


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